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MVW 2017 1st Photo Challenge


Hello all!  Well I have finally gotten my laptop back after experiencing the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” a week ago.  Thank goodness the “Geek Squad” was able to retrieve most of what I had lost when my drivers totally crashed…what a nightmare!  I’m hoping it will last me through the next few months of the MVW competition…

I am busily preparing for our Bootcamp challenge which is due in only two days.  I definitely have my work cut out for me…but no one said this would be easy!

I wanted to go ahead and post our most recent challenge, which was our first Photography Challenge.  After reaching out to several photographers with no response, I was forced to do my best with my photography skills which are intermediate at best.  While I’m afraid some of the details are lost in my attempt, I’m hoping my graphics can do my styling some justice.

Our challenge:

Entombed in her golden chambers, the ancient goddess stirred for the first time in thousands of years. Without the sun to bask in she’d slept through centuries, but a crack in her prison let in a single ray of light and the goddess awakened from her slumber.


My backstory for this challenge:

Isis, the ancient Egyptian Goddess, was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, goddess of the Sky. Once revered by all as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic, her power began to wane as new religions sprang up and silenced her along with so many others. She was left to hide away in what was once a grand and ancient temple built in her honor. There she waited alone as millennia passed and times and people changed. A spiritual shift began to take place and interest in the ancient ones was refueled by many, especially women seeking to regain the power they felt was stolen from them. It was rumored among the modern people that Isis still lay in a suspended sleep-state in her once glorious temple that had long since been sealed up. A brave group of women ventured out to see if it was true. Chiseling away at the pyramid, they were able to remove a single ancient brick. A ray of pure blinding sun shot through to the center of the temple where countless mirrors directed the light on the slumbering Goddess. Her eyes dart open and suddenly her ancient robes woven with pure golden silk begin to let off bright sparks of divine light. She stands proudly knowing she has been called back to her power, never to be silenced again.

Style Card:

Skirt: Countdown “Sonya Gold Gown”
Top: Falln “Safira Dress” in Pink (top only)
Bolero Jacket: Danielle “Bolero Gold”
Feather shoulder adornment: Aisling “Fangarth Shoulders” in Gold
Collar: The Forge “Pearl Collar” in Gold”
Ring: Swallow “Safari Ring” in Gold
Bracelets: Tia “Voodoo Bracers” in Gold
Shoes: ANE Strappy Heels in Gold
Star: SF Gold Star from Dax
Face Jewels: Soedara “Cihuapilli Face Jewels Sidh Humble”

MVW 2017 Style Challenge #1

MVW 2017 Official Meeting

Today was an exciting day for the “Misses” competing in Miss Virtual World 2017.  All 24 of us met for our first official meeting with Reign and DiamondGem, the CEO and COO of the Miss Virtual World organization.  It simply wouldn’t be MVW if a style challenge wasn’t attached to the event!  We were asked to create a look inspired by the following Fall trends, using at least three different designers and no “off the rack” outfits.


I had many similar elements to create the all black look above (4th from the left), but was afraid it would look too much like I tried to simply recreate that outfit.  I then started gravitating to the pink look above (second from the left) and let that inspire me along with inspiration from some of the other styles in the photo.  Coats seemed to be a theme in the suggested fall trends so I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the look.  I’ve been wanting to wear this trendy fur coat by David Heather, and I loved the way it looked with the sequined high waist skirt by Tres Blah.  I added the pearl bib by United Colors as my top for a feminine and opulent feel.  The vintage Paper Couture hair I chose was inspired by the slick hair in look #3 above, and I added a hair ornament inspired by the ones in look #2 above (and also because I wanted to feel like a Queen at our first meeting…wink, wink).

Style Card:

Coat:  David Heather “Eaton Fur Coat” in Mud (this item was only available at an old round of Uber)
Skirt:  Tres Blah “Bella Sequin Skirt” in Silver (NEW at Collabor88)
Collar:  United Colors “Diva Collar” in Silver (NEW at Collabor88)
Earrings:  Donna Flora “Lumiere” earrings (vintage)
Hair ornament:  Zuri Rayna “Vintage Pearl Haircomb II” in Mocha Diamond

Living the dream!

I’m back friends!  And this time it is as Miss Virtual Egypt in the 2017 Miss Virtual World competition!  I almost have to pinch myself to believe it’s real.  The last year I was really active in SL modeling was 2014, which was a very big year for me.  That year I won 2nd runner up in the Colour of Couture competition, and was one of five winners of the Loovus Dzevavor Model Search becoming a brand ambassador for a year.  I was active in runway shows and a model with some of SL’s top agencies.  I was also finally getting a hang of some photography skills and was starting to blog consistently and really pushing my styling efforts.  Then RL happened…

The man I had met in SL who had moved all the way from France to marry me in RL decided he was no longer happy in our five year marriage.  It came as a complete surprise to me.  We had gone through the trials of obtaining a green card and a miscarriage together.  We had adopted two rescue pups.  I had just gotten my dream job teaching theatre (my BFA is in acting).  I thought we were a forever thing.  I don’t really put my faith in love anymore.

I could have used SL as an escape from my RL heartbreak and I kind of wish I had, but instead I tried to heal by rarely coming in world.  We had made so many friends and family together in SL and suddenly it was no longer my happy place.  As a result of my sporadic activity in-world I unfortunately came back to find I had lost my spot in most of the agencies and groups I had worked so hard to become a part of.  The name I had tirelessly tried to build for myself had pretty much vanished.  I really didn’t talk to anyone anymore and I think most of my friends assumed I was never coming back.

I’ve been blogging sporadically for fun to show off some fun looks I’ve enjoyed creating with many of the wonderful mesh heads SL has to offer (and the amazing mesh bodies!).  But my identity I had built a brand on has definitely been non existent for a while now.

When I saw that MVW 2017 auditions were coming up, that old spark of hope and excitement re-lit in my spirit.  MVW has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember in my near decade in SL.  I tried out a few years back and did not make it and wasn’t very confident I would this time around.  It was literally the last day to apply when I figured…oh, why not?  We were asked to consider the following challenge for the live audition:

You know fashion inside and out as a design student, half of your closet is filled with clothes that you sewed and created yourself. Your style defied definition and when people asked you what your signature look was, you told them it changed with your moods.
Your aim is to create a high fashion and impressive outfit, with elegance and wow factor.

Here is what I put together:

MVW Casting Outfit Full

MVW 2017 Casting Outfit Close

We were told to mix and match with at least three different designers, so nothing “off the rack”.  The best thing is, I challenged myself to try not to purchase new items.  Most of the elements of my styling are “vintage” and some are no longer available in world.  My style card:

High Waist skirt:  Gizza “Frida Inspiration”
Black deep cut top:  LeLutka “Oman Gown” (top only)
Cage bra:  Chrysalis “Couture Corset” in Black (top piece only)
Striped Collar:  Vero Modero “African Queen”
Feather necklace:  [ glow ] studio “Feather Cape”
Ring:  Lazuri “Esme” ring
Gloves:  Adam n Eve “Opera Gloves” for Slink Hands

I was thrilled and completely surprised to hear I not only made it as a Miss…but as Miss Egypt, my number one choice of countries from the start of my SL career.  It feels really good to be back, and I hope you’ll follow me on this journey and enjoy the ride along with me.

Chop Zuey’s “The Venezuelan Poodle Moth”



Hello lovelies!  Today I am modeling a new Chop Zuey creation which was created for Miss Venezuela in this years Miss Virtual World competition.  It seems appropriate that Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey, an avid animal lover and protector, would design something after the newest species of moth, the adorable Poodle Moth!  Miss Venezuela, the lovely Lua Vendetta, left the audience breathless in this lovely creation, which she wore as her National Costume.  To find out more about this cuddly moth (if ever there was an oxymoron) read here!

And to purchase this awesome ensemble, visit the Chop Zuey Sky Boutique here:

Ensemble:  Chop Zuey “The Venezuelan Poodle Moth”

Hair:  Truth “Candy” in Light Browns

Skin:  Glam Affair “Angelica” in Europa 2

Lips:  Dead Apples “Balm Stain” in Lilac

Eyeshadow:  Adored “Autumn Shadows” in Aubergine

Lashes:  Action “Mesh Dolly Lashes”

Pose:  PoSEsioN “Aliza 2”


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