Perspectives on Virtual Fashion in Second Life

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Hello peeps!  Fresh off of .PENUMBRA. Fashion week and my Top 3 win in the Colour of Couture challenge yesterday, I am happy to announce a wee break and some time to show you some of the lovely items that have been collecting dust in my inventory!  Today I bring you the first in my collection from “Couture Rock/ F.A.P.P. (Fashion.Art.People.Party“, a new store by one of my favorite style icons in SL, Miss Nibborekab Nightfire!  This collection is so fierce, so couture, so L.A.M.B. like in it’s steampunk-y and glam deliciousness that it makes me drool.  At Couture Rock, everything is laid out where you can easily mix and match all of the wonderful items and accessories to make a truly one of a kind glam rock style.

Today I bring you the “Steampunk Slugger Coordinates” available in the main store.  Says Niborrekab:

“The coords when worn together create an exclusive outfit that I have not released in-store.  Steampunk Slugger is influenced by musician Emilie Autumn and the Plague Rats.  They live in a  victorian asylum for wayward girls.  So this outfit is what I imagine the leader of a Victorian girl gang would wear.
The clockwork theme in the necklace is also a nod to Kubrick’s movie about teenage gangs with a sense of style and love of classical music A Clockwork Orange.
The Platinum Slugger is scripted and the F.A.P.P. snapback are a cheeky nod to modern street gangs.  I hope you enjoy.”

Any outfit inspired by the brilliant Emile Autumn is enough to make run out to buy it.  And YES, there is a platinum baseball bat accessory not seen here…how cool is that?!  Check out this fab new store today!

Complete Outfit:  Couture Rock/ F.A.P.P. “Steampunk Slugger” (items sold separately)
Monocle:  Maven Haus (vintage…)
Earrings:  ::DirtyMind:: “Shellene Door Knocker Earrings” in Rose Gold (on MP @
Knuckle Rings:  Estevan Viper (no longer available as far as I can see :`()
Head:  TheMeshProject “Moody” Deluxe
Applier:  Modish “Lessie” (NEW!!)


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